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In the year 1983, Mrs. Indira Gandhi had been nationalized the new 20 Points Programmes and she directed our organization to implement the new 20 points programmes in West Bengal (video order No.f-2-38(4)83, PMPI, Dated- 16-Apr-1983. Since then, TAPSILJATI ADIBASI PRAKTAN SAINIK KRISHI BIKASH SHILPA KENDRA implementing the national programmes. After getting the above mentioned order, the organizations submitted application for granting funds for the proposed works. In response to those applications the concerned department advised to contact with CAPRT for the funds. Accordingly contact the grant was there for the proposed construction as well as self help programme in the rural areas (such as low cost houses, latrines, tailoring machines and subsequent training.
The noble mission of the organization stands for exploring a positive metamorphosis of the abject state holding its grip over the lives of the BPL and the impoverished ones through our strenuous drives starting right from 2nd day of May,2008. We sincerely and thoroughly believe to achieve an acme for the general well-being of those who suffer and toil for existence. All this remains commensurate with the urge to honor and respect the realization of the projects reared up by our Late Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
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